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Region VIII Solid Waste Authority

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Service


Region VIII Solid Waste Authority
P O Box 116
Petersburg WV  26847

Phone: 304-257-2644
Fax: 304-257-5280

Contact Us

Contact Us

Solid Waste Authority Office                                                                                 Toll Free Information

Region VIII Solid Waste Authority                                                    1 (866)339-5777 - twenty four hour access

P O Box 116                                                                                       For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions,

Petersburg WV  26847                                                                    our recorded message-which lasts about three

(304) 257-2644                                                                                 minutes-should answer most questions regarding

(304) 257-5280 fax                                                                          the use of our transfer stations.  This website is more                                                       comprehensive than, and contains all the

Transfer Stations                                                                             information contained in our recorded message.

Please call (304) 257-2644                                                            Email Us: