The Solid Waste Authority does not offer trash collection services.You can arrange for door-to-door or commercial / container service by contacting one of the following private companies that are regulated by the West Virginia Public Service Commission:

Grant County

Hott Disposal Service (304)-257-2997 - serves entire county below mountaintop.
Envirco (304) 897-6060 - serves entire county below mountaintop.
Sunrise Sanitation (800) 645-4886 - serves mountaintop.

Hampshire County

United Disposal Service (800)-543-7897 or (304)-866-8787 - serves entire county.

Hardy County

Envirco (304) 897-6060 - serves entire county.

Mineral County

Knobley Mountain Hauling (304) 738-1602  - serves Frankfort District.
United Disposal Service (800)543-7897 or (304) 866-8787 - serves entire county except Frankfort District.

Pendleton County

Robert O. Peer (304) 249-5266 - serves south and eastern portion of county.
North Fork Disposal Service (304) 358-2635 - serves north and western portion of county.

Municipal Collection - Franklin, Petersburg, Piedmont.

Region VIII Solid Waste Authority

Solid Waste Collection Services